Horror lands Malota and so does orange - Malota

Horror lands Malota and so does orange

Hi Malotas, how are you feeling? Fall at its best and one of our favourite celebrations is approaching; Halloween... Do you like to dress up? It has always seemed like a super fun plan for us; go to a theme party, dress up, have fun and share a laugh with friends. Nowadays with Pinterest, you find instant inspiration and at a glance, you get an amazing costume made of clothes you didn't even remember owning. Although we have to confess that what we really enjoy most is seeing people dressing up. Their creativity, what style they chose to bring to life their character, how they pull it off, etc. In the end, a costume tells you a lot about a person ...

What about you? what is your ultimate favourite costume? or are you the one who likes to spice it up every year?

Since we are talking about this Celtic originary festivity, we take the opportunity to tell you a little secret. Which is that the new collection is on its way and orange is the main character. We are going to give you just a spoiler. The Beli Dress has returned in several colors, and yes, one of them is orange! View Beli dresses

"Orange is a color of liberation, from the pains of hurtful love and inner insecurities. To 'channel orange' is to truly be free, to truly be you." - Frank Ocean -

In case you have an event and you want to feel elegant and you are wondering what to wear, we show you some Maryland Dresses which are perfect for this time of year. And why not combine them with a terrific Venetian mask and be the 'Queen of Halloween'.

 Maryland Burgundy Dress A sophisticated velvet ball gown with a beautiful drape and strapless. A burgundy color owner of love, passion, sensuality and vigor ... It evokes devotion, faith & singularity.


Maryland Chocolate Dress If fall was a dress it would undoubtedly be this brown Maryland. The color of the season that evokes naturalness, warmth, protection and comfort. A strapless dress with its flow of unique elegance.


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